Virtual Terminal

Taking payments over the phone can help your business keep trading

Being able to take card payments over the phone can help your business adapt to a click and collect or a delivery service without a huge cost outlay.

No website needed just an internet-enabled device
Quick and easy set-up
Allowing your business to adapt

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What is a Virtual Terminal?

A virtual terminal is a web-based version of a card machine that is hosted online. They are web pages in your internet browser that a business can access securely so they can enable customers to make a payment via a link. This means that it does not necessarily require a customer to be present to take a card payment. Virtual terminals are able to be accessed and used from any device (PC, mobile, laptop or tablet) as long as it has an internet connection.

Taking payments over the phone is a simple and straightforward process where you can complete a form while your customer is on the phone and complete a transaction quickly, securely at any time or location.

Pay by Phone Features

No website needed

Accept payments anywhere


Secure transactions

Easy to keep track of payments

Real-time online reporting

Ability to process multiple payments

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Why Smarter Payments?

Smarter Payments team have over 60 years of experience working in the payment processing industry. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your business’s number one priority of taking payments is quick and easy, so you can concentrate on growing your business.

We offer quality in person support so that if you ever encounter any problems, you can speak directly to someone (not a chatbot) who knows and understands your business.

We work with your business from the moment you setup your terminal machine. All our pricing and transaction fees are transparent with no hidden charges and fast settlement times.

Jumpstart your business potential with Smarter Payments.

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